Kitwe Little Theatre. Kitwe, Zambia

8th February 2018

Martina Mwanza +260 966 065 467 filminstitute@sotambe.org

ZNBC meets Copperbelt based content producers

12 thFebruary 2018

SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festival (SOTAMBE DFAF) hosted a meeting between ZNBC and local content producers on Thursday 8th February 2018 at the Kitwe Little Theatre.

SOTAMBE Director, Mrs. Martina Mwanza said that the meeting shows the growth and the importance of the film industry in Zambia and it is a great forum for producers to interact with each other. She introduced SOTAMBE DFAF as a platform for local filmmakers to showcase their projects and encouraged them to submit their movie for the 5th SOTAMBE Film Festival happening this September through the website www.sotambe.org . Filmmakers were also invited to register for the Filmmaking Boot Camp in March this year which is a unique type on intensive training in Zambia.

District Commissionaire of Kitwe, Mr. Binwell Mpundu opened the meeting and spoke about the need to expand the film industry as a means of job creation. Referring to the countries such as Nigeria, where film industry is the second largest contributor towards GDP he highlighted that “as Government, we are here to support any ventures that contribute to the job creation and we are proud to see a lot of local content being shown at the international channels such as Zambezi Magic and ZED One.” He encouraged filmmakers to partner with ZNBC – as their domestic platform in order for them to be acknowledged at the National level. He praised platform like SOTAMBE DFAF for doing fantastic job in boosting the film industry through training and public screenings.

ZNBC representatives Mr. Mampi Musweu (Acting Controller Media and Creative Services) introduced the new Department of Media and Creative Services headed by Mr. Masuzyo Ndhlovu. The department was created to promote the local film industry and to support local producers by providing them with a platform on the national broadcaster to showcase their talent. ZNBC marketing and Sales Manager in Kitwe Mr. Chimuka presented the marketing strategy that ZNBC has introduced in partnering with local content producers and informed them that partnerships with ZNBC will be mainly in form of MoUs. However, Copperbelt film producers raised a concern regarding the proposed revenue sharing ratio 70% - 30%. It was then clarified that ZNBC is not going to own the production but only possess a screening rights for a particular period of time. Therefore, the producer is then free to sell the content to any other media platform.

Producers also proposed the option of ZNBC actually buying the content rather than share the revenues and they expressed the concern of the poor production quality of some of the current ZNBC programmes. Despite the concerns raised by the producers, Morgan Mbulo, known as Ice Morgan, who has been a practicing filmmaker highlighted the importance of meetings such as this one. “I see this and a lot more meetings with stakeholders such as ZNBC and Sotambe contributing to the Zambian film industry reaching greater heights. It is such meetings that will help the industry to grow.”

Copperbelt NAMA representative and renown filmmaker, Changa Kalumba closed the meeting by commending ZNBC for seeing the need to engage local producers to partner with them. “I feel as we move towards the digital migration and the implementation of the film policy,