* Documentary
* Feature Film
* Short Film
* Cartoon / Animation
* TV Series (2 Episodes)

16:9, mp4

* The call for submissions is open to all producers everywhere, with the special interest in African film producers.
* One producer can submit only three (3) films.
* Films should be produced in a period of 2017, 2018 and 2019
* Provided with English subtitles or English-spoken
* Picture in focus and balanced sound quality (full stereo)
* Unfinished films can be submitted upon prior agreement with the SOTAMBE DFAF
* Participation in other festivals does not preclude participation in SOTAMBE DFAF

Submissions Deadline:
* Submission deadline is 1 July 2019
* Late Submission: 21 July 2019 (subjected to the fee of K 100/ 10 USD)
* All films MUST be delivered on DVD or online BEFORE the submissions deadline on 1 July 2019.
* Provided with English subtitles or English-spoken

Notification Date:
* The final shortlist of participants will be determined by the festival management.
* The festival management reserves the right to accept the submission or not, based on the advice of the SOTAMBE Film Selection Committee.
* SOTAMBE DFAF will inform applicants of its decision by 19 August 2019 by email.

Festival Dates:
21 – 29 September 2019

* SOTAMBE DFAF accepts DVDs and online links.
* All DVDs must be labelled with title, production house, category and total running time. advice of the SOTAMBE Film Selection Committee.
* VIMEO is a highly recommended online platform. The streaming and downloading of a film must be free of charge, the number of previewing must not be limited and the film must be available untill the last festival day, 29th September, 2019.
* No entry fees are required by the festival for submitting local films.

* SOTAMBE DFAF reserves the rights to retain preview copies and preview links in its archive for research and educational purposes.
* For each selected film, SOTAMBE DFAF has the right to use three minutes of the film for SOTAMBE DFAF PR on television, social media and to use the publicity material such as press kits, posters, etc. in order to promote the festival´s programme.

Thank you!

Submission DFAF 2019

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declare that I have the authority or have been authorised by the production company/rights holder to submit a copy of this Film to the SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festival (SOTAMBE DFAF) on their behalf.

I confirm that all clearances and releases have been obtained for the Film and will indemnify SOTAMBE DFAF from any third party claims for the screening or publication of the Film or any material associated with it for the breach of copy right or privacy or failure to obtain the appropriate clearances and releases.

I accept the accuracy of the information provided above and authorize the Festival to reproduce the credits and company contact information in its publications – in a part or whole – as submitted. I will not hold the Festival responsible for any misprints in its promotional materials.

I have read the 2019 submission conditions of the 6th SOTAMBE DFAF and accept them.