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Becky Ngoma, social sciences student, and graduate of TV production at ZAMCOM, is also a super creative, award winning, seasoned Writer, Casting Director, Director and Actor, with 14 years of experience in content production, Becky has worked on many successful and award winning local shows including Kabanana soap opera where she was senior writer entrusted with the responsibility of handling all sponsors storylines on the show. After three years working on kabanana soap opera, Becky forged on and was co-writer for the award winning love games tv series funded by CSH and tailored for anti HIV and anti-GBV social transformation in Zambia, Becky also co-wrote and directed Fever TV series a DSTV, Zambezi Magic launch show which remains the channel's flagship.

Becky recently ventured into the production of Zambia’s first telenovela Zuba as head writer, Creative Director and casting director, the show is a success as it is the show with the largest viewership currently on DSTV 's Zambezi magic. Aside from television Becky has worked in radio and her most successful show being the Bank of Zambia financial literacy drama series Shansha wikute which was tailored for local women driven SME's .

Becky Ngoma is a trainer at Young Cinema Zambia where she develops the skills of aspirant film makers and content producers and further mentor young ladies joining the film making profession.

As an actor Becky has featured as a support actor in multi award winning films, I am not a witch, Mwansa the great, and Fever TV series playing support roles.

Becky 's acclaimed awards include, best screen writer 2014 -ZAFTA award, Best television series 2016-ZAFTA award, and woman of the year in film 2018- Zambian women awards.

Becky's vision in progress is to create stories/communication messages that enlighten and Transform society positively and secondly is to contribute to the development of the Zambia film industry via empowering the youths with skills development, and mentoring of female film makers.


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Henry “BJ” Phiri is an accomplished theatre, radio and television performer with extensive knowledge and experience in the local and regional show business industry. A 40- years old - highly gifted Zambian performer, with more than ten years of experience, Henry’s ability to make audiences laugh was first noticed by the late Augustine Lungu in 1998 at the Lusaka playhouse when he would make fellow cast and crew members cry with laughter during production rehearsals.

In 2005, Augustine Lungu (late), Ozzias Kaundula Banda, Pontiano Kaiche, Bob Nkosha, Dangerous Joberg (Derick Chalo Kondowe), Jomwa Mutsinje Mwale (late) and Henry teamed up to form the Zambia One Comedy show. The team traversed the width and breadth of the country and performed in several theatre houses nationwide spreading laughter and memorable moments among-st patrons that flooded their shows.

Further, BJ has appeared in several stage plays which include: Chiti Muluba, Rulers of the Lost Continent, Victims, Jesus Christ Super Star, Alfonso and Santine, Headmaster and the Rascals, They Must Be Sick, Bad Timing, Daughters and Workmates, Much Ado, Not for the Taskforce and Odd Couple. Also, BJ brings with him eight (8) years of radio drama production i.e. Sewero – which he featured with the Patrick Magoro memorial drama group and a number of TV productions such as Kabanana (as Ngalande), Bupilo (as the Studio owner), Fever (as Detective Soko), I am Not a Witch (as Mr. Banda), Zuba (as Uncle Limbani) and Bad Timing (as Kapamba) among others. Similarly, BJ has appeared in several TV commercials such as Boom Burble plus (advert of the year 2017), Mikalile, Chibuku Shake Shake for a house, Zain double mbasela and Zesco Safety adverts as well as in local music videos such as Opala amama by MC Wabwino, Nalibombele by Wille and Chaliwamapo by JK and many others.