martina mwanza

Published January 2, 2019

The SOTAMBE DOCUMENTARY FILM AND ARTS ORGANISATION LIMITED would like to inform the public of the change in the name of the organisation from the SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Organisation Limited to the SOTAMBE FILM INSTITUTE Limited (SFI).

In view of the increasing number of activities, the founders of the organisation, Martina Mwanza and Daniel Mwale felt that the name no longer fully represented the organisational objectives. The change of the name was done through the relevant authorities on the 27th December 2018.

The SOTAMBE FILM INSTITUTE (SFI) aims at supporting the filmmaking and arts industry in Zambia. Our vision is to deliver a world class Film and Arts Festival by 2020 through which the filmmakers and artists within the Southern Africa shall be acknowledged and celebrated. SFI therefore carries the same organisational objectives outlined below:

Serve as an educational platform for learning institutions and community members.
 Serve as a platform for filmmakers to showcase their projects, network, collaborate and inspire others.
 Provide the capacity building and skills training in film production through workshops and boot camps.
The SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festival (SOTAMBE DFAF) remains the main activity of the organisation and its 6th Edition will take place on 21 – 29 September 2019 in Kitwe, Zambia.