SOTAMBE DFAF meets with the Director of Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)

martina mwanza

Published july 18, 2018

In the continued efforts to achieve the organisational vision of making the SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festival (SOTAMBE DFAF) a world class activity, the directors Martina Mwanza and Daniel Mwale took a trip to Zanzibar to attend the 21st edition of the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF). “We saw this as being a very important and necessary trip in order to allow the SOTAMBE Film Festival to grow”, said Martina Mwanza. “It is our dream and vision to provide Zambian filmmakers with a platform that offers them visibility, networking and business opportunities. Collaboration with other African Festivals is one of them.”

The SOTAMBE DFAF directors had an opportunity to not only attend the opening ceremony but also a number of screening sessions. In addition, they met with the director of ZIFF, Mr Fabrizio Colombo, with whom they had a very enlightening meeting. He extended his invitation to the SOTAMBE Directors to be part of the panel at the ZIFF’s press conference on 9 July 2018.

SOTAMBE DFAF directors were asked to give a presentation on the SOTAMBE Film Festival in Zambia. During the Q&A session participants and media houses present showed a lot of enthusiasm in the Zambian Film Industry. The Directors were asked about the objectives, vision and what motivated them to establish such an endeavour. Participants were excited to hear that the film industry in Zambia was recording some positive strides and growth. ZIFF expressed great interest to receive movie submissions from Zambia as well.

ZIFF serves as great networking platform for filmmakers, media and production houses and talent scouts as was evident from the filmmakers present. Directors of SOTAMBE DFAF had an opportunity to meet with Bikiya Graham Douglas, Oxford School of Drama, best Nollywood supporting actress in Flower Girl and Jacky Ido of the White Masai fame based in Paris and LA. Very interesting was also a meeting with Jamie Monson the director of African Studies at Michigan State University and has done a documentary about the TAZARA.

“We picked up great ideas about the business of filmmaking and also the hosting of a film festival. The passion we observed amongst filmmakers there was simply amazing,” said Daniel Mwale. The film industry is a serious business that is not only for artistic expression but also for financial gain. When nurtured properly it will create employment for many Zambians and contribute to the GDP of this country. “As part of our efforts to achieve this, we need to promote many collaborations. Together we will achieve more,” added Daniel.

The 5th SOTAMBE Film Festival participants can look forward to some of the great local and international movie screenings, panel discussions and filmmaking workshops with special guests. This festival is from 18 to 22 September 2018. For more details and the programme see