martina mwanza

Published July 26, 2019

The SOTAMBE Documentray Film and Arts Festival (SOTAMBE DFAF) organised by the SOTAMBE Film Institute (SFI) is happening for the 6th time again in the hearts of the Copperbelt Province, Kitwe. During the period of its existence it became the most relevant film festival for the filmmakers in the country.

The main idea is to promote movies that can lead to social change and support upcoming and seasoned filmmakers. The film industry is on the demand to grow in order to provide jobs and contribute to the country’s GDP. Therefore there is a need for platforms like this one to make ZAMBIAN FILM relevant to the ZAMBIAN PEOPLE.

Working with Power Tools Logistics gives the Festival the opportunity to be attended by filmmakers from far away places who can otherwise not affrod to travel all the way to Kitwe. It gives Festival the power of bringing hundreds of filmmakers to one place at one time - discussing the new development and obstacles of the film industry in the country. This transforms the SOTAMBE Film Festival into the fully fledged National Film Festival and we are gratefull to Power Tools as well as to MultiChoice, Festival’s continuous main sponsor, official media partner Flava FM and many other sponsors and partners organizations for helping filmmakers to thrive through our platform.

'We are very proud to support the national event of this character happening on the Copperbelt. Our role as a business is to connect people and take them where they need to go. In September, everyone goes to visit SOTAMBE to watch locally produced movies and we are happy to bring them to our city safe,“ said Anthony Nkwazi, the Director of Power Tools Logistics.

The 6th SOTAMBE Film Festival will be held in the period 21 – 29 September 2019 in Kitwe, and it is organized under the theme “Southern African Reels” with the main objective of broadening the critical network of filmmakers based in Southern Africa and allowing for the exchange of experiences and regional collaborations! Come one, come all!