Martina Mwanza

Published January 9, 2019

SOTAMBE Film Institute (SFI) is introducing a „SOTAMBE IN SCHOOLS PROGRAMME“.

As founders of this organisation, we believe that movies can be used as a new advanced method of learning and boost discussion. As Gandhi said, the change starts with you. In this case, these are secondary school, college and university students who need to take an active part in the change they would like to see in the world. This can be achived by their active involvement in the current affairs and critical analysis of the main global and local problems.

We have selected the best locally and internationally produced documentaries, creating a wonderful collection best used at the school set up in oder for teachers and lecturers to introduce a topic and allow students to make informed opinition.

ZNBC representatives Mr. Mampi Musweu (Acting Controller Media and Creative Services) introduced the new Department of Media and Creative Services headed by Mr. Masuzyo Ndhlovu. The department was created to promote the local film industry and to support local producers by providing them with a platform on the national broadcaster to showcase their talent. ZNBC marketing and Sales Manager in Kitwe Mr. Chimuka presented the marketing strategy that ZNBC has introduced in partnering with local content producers and informed them that partnerships with ZNBC will be mainly in form of MoUs. However, Copperbelt film producers raised a concern regarding the proposed revenue sharing ratio 70% - 30%. It was then clarified that ZNBC is not going to own the production but only possess a screening rights for a particular period of time. Therefore, the producer is then free to sell the content to any other media platform.

All screenings are free of charge (athough we would appreciate a small contribution for the transport for our volunteers) and are followed up by the discussion with the students. The screening and discussion won’t exceed 2 hours (2 and half if students ask relevant questions) and therefore can perfectly fit in the lesson plans.

SOTAMBE IN SCHOOLS programme offers several documentaries and movies of educational value. You can download the full list of movies here, select the most suitable and interesting one(s) for your students and book us for the screening at your institution. The programme apllies for the secondary schools, colleges and universities based in Kitwe, Ndola, Chingola and Mufulira and hopefully will soon spread to other provinces as well!

The reservation can be done through the programme coordinators; Ndazi +260 968 860 264 (also WhatsApp) or Norris Norris +260 976 694 081 (also WhatsApp) or email us to (Please use ,SOTAMBE IN SCHOOLS’ as a subject).

We would like to thank all local producers who agreed their movies to be part of this amazing project, as well as Why? Sharing the international documentaries for educational purposes.