Martina Mwanza

Published July 8, 2019

Photography has become one of the most important media of our life. Images taken by journalists as well as by people “on spot” are defining a lot of important themes and issues around us. Photography can also alter our ideas and thoughts about individuals, communities, countries or whole continents.

What is so called Solution journalism? How can we tell a story in a balanced authentic way using a single image or a series of photographs? How can we promote true image of Africa or Zambia for the world to truly understand its culture, society and problems?

Let’s spend one day together exploring the power of photography and sharing our ideas. We will take a look at famous photographs and decipher their messages. We will share insight on techniques, composition, emotions and storytelling. Practical exercise will combine theory and discussions.

Workshop will be held on Monday 23 September 2019 at the American Corner, CBU as a part of the additional programmes of the 6th SOTAMBE Film Festival.
Workshop will be led by Jiri Pasz who have spent 10 years trying to promote understanding between people of all continets by sharing stories. Stories told in text, photography and video. „I belive stories have a potential to initiate and promote change and I am very happy to be able to come to Zambia to lead a workshop that will be a platform for sharing, discussion and exchange. I hope together we can work on images that will help to promote real experience of life in Zambia,“ said Jiri Pasz.

he SOTAMBE Film Festival is extremely pleased to have Mr. Pasz come all the way from Czech Republic and we would like to sincerely thank the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lusaka for making it possible to host Jiri Pasz and offer this workshop free of charge! “We are happy to support the SOTAMBE festival which quickly develops to be among the biggest and most important film festivals in the region. We are proud that Czech filmmakers can contribute with their experience and knowledge,” summarized the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Zambia H.E. Mr. Radek Rubeš the reasons for supporting the festival and some of its activities.

To participate in the workshop, send a picture depicting BEAUTY OF MY COUNTRY to until 23rd August 2019. You are strongly supported to use creativity and wit.
Be creative and look for unusual topics or scenes. Beauty can be in hope, kindness, aid, dignity, friendship or in truth. It is not just in pictures of ladies or men. Think about the story you want to tell and be inspired.

Use imagination, new ideas, technology, use emotions, tell a story!
Seven participants will be selected for the workshop and their photos will be exhibited during the 6th SOTAMBE FILM FESTIVAL in Kitwe!