Short film was born at the Festival! „LOVE ACCROSS BOARDERS“


Published September 28, 2019

„As organisers we were happy to witness such a wonderful collaboration among filmmakers attending the festival because this is the core of what the theme „Southern African Reels“ was all about – to bring Southern African filmmakers together for networking and regional collaborations. We love this rom-com and we are hoping to produce short film each year of the Film Festival. SOTAMBE is worth attending!“
Said director, Martina Mwanza.

To what meets the eye; the Southern African young couple Lorato and Chuma seem to be a match made in heaven but in reality they are trying hard to make their romantic relationsip work and stand against all odds. She is Swana and Chuma is Zambian; two people from the same African region but with different cultural backgrounds. Even though they love each other, they find themselves mostly in endless arguments because of failing to understand how they can both accommodate each other's short comings in regards to the cultural barriers. This ROM -COM short film covers the gap of love across boarders and conquering all.

Statement by Paul Wilo, Producer:

“Coming together as Southern African filmmakers at the SOTAMBE Film Festival was such a huge platform for networking. And producing this short film in 2 days came with challenges yet delightment as we all joined hands together and learnt from each other. The experience was great although the cultural barrier was a bit challenging. But we will to grow the film industry in southern Africa and SOTAMBE has done a great job by bringing us together.”

Watch Love Across Boarders online:


Cast: Paul S. Wilo, Tumie Tlotlo and Christine Chishiba
Written by: William Mwale, Paul S. Wilo
Concept developer: Becky Ngoma
Script supervisor: Tumie Tlotlo, Mary Kabwe and Kalulu Simpanze
Editor: Joseph Chalwe, Sam Johannes
Sound: Will Manda
Lighting: William Mwale
DOP: Elinajoh John Chilufya
Camera operator: Lucas Njovu, Gift Mukuka, Jason Banda
Set designer: Simbarashe Nalipapa
Assistant director: Imran Shaban
Director: Shadrick Mfwana
Producers: Paul S. Wilo, Fidelis Mayambu, Morgan Mbulo
Executive producers: Martina Mwanza and Daniel Mwale, SOTAMBE Film Institute