The „anything can happen“ Filmmaking Boot Camp open for Registration!

Martina Mwanza

Published January 18, 2019

SOTAMBE Film Institute (SFI) is inviting all filmmakers, film enthusiasts and everyone whose dream is to make films to attend the 3rd Filmmaking Boot Camp – From Script to Screen that will be held during the Easter period 19 – 22 April 2019 in Kitwe.

The Boot Camp 2019 carries the subtitle „anything can happen boot camp“ and the participants can look forward to unexpected events, team cooperation, fast thinking, (un)fortunate happenings and more tasks to be completed! All in all they only have four days to complete their 15 minutes short films!

The name ‘Boot Camp’ refers to a military camp for new recruits, with very harsh discipline. In line with this, SOTAMBE Boot Camp is a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training in filmmaking. Participants are exposed to the real life situations that every filmmaker goes through in producing a film and submitting it to the international platforms. Work discipline, precision, team work and deadline keeping are all necessary qualities that a good filmmaker has to possess and they will be needed for a person to pass this training.

The structure of the Filmmaking Boot Camp is practically oriented. The time starts ticking upon arrival where all participants are divided into teams and will receive envelopes with the script, tools, money and further instructions. Our facilitators would want to see the creativity of transferring the same script into visual form by each team.

In addition, learners will meet with the Boot Camp’s special guests from the Zambian film industry during the sessions on important parts of filmmaking. The combination of learning, hands on, tension, adrenaline, time ticking and creative thinking is just amazing and we are as much trying to reflect the real life of a filmmaker.

The 3rd Filmmaking Boot Camp is open to ALL filmmakers from the Southern African region. Registration is done online via our website with the deadline 31 March 2019.

Don’t procrastinate this film skill changing opportunity and reserve your space now!