opening movie - climate ciews

Preston Mwila | English Sub | Doc | 24 mins | Lusaka, Zambia

Due to lack of accurate information on Climate change, many households in Zambia are in abject poverty, but thanks to the UNDP and Zambia Meteorological Department project which is strengthening the Climate Information and Early Warning Systems for Climate-Resilient Development and Adaptation to Climate change as farmers are now better prepared.


Dickson Chinongo | English Sub | Short Film | 12 mins | Ndola, Zambia

Jack a young boy is going through problems. He asks a wise man of God for solutions and prayer. But the man of God asks Jack to go out and write only one person who is not going through problems then he will be free and never suffer in life again. Jack with exitments goes out to find one without problems but he could only find people with bigger problems than him.

Black Kwacha

Shadrick Mfana | English Sub | Feature Film | 66 mins | Solwezi, Zambia

This is a story about money scam, inspired by true Events. In this story, it's a girl who is being swindled by a young con-artist...

Them & US

Lawrence Agbetsise | English Sub | Doc | Short Film | 14 mins | Ghana

Imagine losing all your properties including your home to fire and water, concurrently, losing friends and relatives and the state neglecting you. What then is hope for the helpless? It is a contraversial documentary which seeks to make claim claim of the fact that for those who survived it, there is more pain toendure than those who lost their lives. It also looks beyond the fact and provokes thought of the other world.


Martina De Polo | English Sub | Doc | Short Film | 55 mins | Italy

Document the Impact

Adreanna Rodriguez | English Sub | Doc | Short Film | 29 mins | USA

New Dawn

Kabwita Kasuloka | English Sub | Doc | Short Film | 15 mins | Kitwe, Zambia

Thank you for the rain

Julia Dahr | English sub | Doc | 87 mins | Norway

Five years ago Kisilu, a Kenyan farmer, started to use his camera to capture the life of his family, his village and the damages of climate change. When a violent storm throws him and a Norwegian filmmaker together we see him transform from a father, to community leader to an activist on the global stage.

Perfect Drawn

Chongola Barnabas | English Sub | Feature | 100 mins | Samfya, Zambia

The story is based on two brothers Rocky and his step brother Richard whose father was a business man. He left the business in the hand of his eldest responsible son and went abroad. But his step mother and Richard tried all they could to eliminate rocky but all to no avail.

I'm Innocent

Luka Lukama | English Sub | Feature | 107 mins | Ndola, Zambia

The story depicts the jealous person who poisoned his best friend for his selfish interest so that he can be promoted at work. However, the family accused the wife of being responsible for the death of her husband.