SOTAMBE DFAF is a community event that serves as a platform to promote social awareness and change and also provides educational themes through film and arts. It is therefore free of charge. This is made possible by the partnerships with corporates such as MultiChoice Zambia, the main sponsors of the festival in 2017, Flava FM the official media partner, MOPANI Copper Mines, VODAFONE and many other corporate houses and individuals.

It is our request as SOTAMBE DFAF to all corporate houses and interested individuals to partner with us in various aspects of the Film Festival in order to allow the growth of the festival in the country. This effort will result in the upcoming and seasoned filmmakers and artists to actualise their dreams and also help in providing social change in the society through their products.

You can support us using the following Bank details:
Sotambe documentary film and arts organisation Ltd.
Account number:
250310303975010 (Deposit)
0310303975010 (Transfer)
Bank Name:
Investrust Bank Ltd.
Swift code:
Branch code:
Branch name:
Freedom Avenue, Kitwe
MTN Mobile Money:
+260 966 065 467
How we spend your money?

It is your choice which one of our activities you would like to support. Therefore, please specify where your money should go:

Choose from the following:

Filmmaking Boot Camp 2 (Venue, Facilitators, Accommodation for learners, Learning materials)

Tree Planting (Trees K4/one tree, water for volunteers)

Art Workshop For Children (Venue, children’s tables and chairs, Facilitator, Art materials)

Outdoor Screenings (Venue, Outdoor screen, SPS system)

Art Exhibition (Execution, Frames)

SOTAMBE Official Song 2018 (Singers, Studio recording)

Drama Play (Props, Artists)

International Guests (Flight tickets, Transport, Accommodation, Meals)

- Panel Discussions (Panellists, Transport, Water)

- Others: Please specify.

WE ARE GRATEFUL TO ALL DONATIONS MADE. This make our work easier, more efficient and successful.

Thank you for contributing to the growth of the Film Industry in Zambia through SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Organization!