FILMMAKING BOOT CAMP 2 – From Script to Screen

By Ndazi Pondamali

If it can be written it can surely be filmed. “From script to screen” was the subtitle of our second Filmmaking Boot Camp! It was absolutely remarkable and worthwhile attending. It was a place where sleep was considered a waste of time, it was an amazing and exciting sleepless boot camp.

The boot camp took place during the Easter holiday in Kitwe and it took the participants through the whole filmmaking process in just four days. The participants were guided by skilled instructors such as scholar of film Berret Zumbie Mwenda, filmmaker George Howard and self-taught technical expert Bennie Chibwe.

Participants had the opportunity to write, direct and edit films of their own. For many film enthusiasts, the idea of making movies remains just as an idea but the SOTAMBE Filmmaking Boot Camp gives chance to participants to make their dreams happen. The participants were put into groups where each of them played a specific role in film production process. And so we saw upcoming writers, producers, directors, editors, cameramen and their assistants. The idea was to simulate the real life situations.

Facilitators were giving lessons and advices to the team members based on their roles. The boot camp was spent learning fundamentals of filmmaking as well as working on group projects which were reviewed on the final day. It was truly a skilful and great experience for participants. “We didn’t learn, we experienced,” said Choolwe Kayuuna participant and actor in Zambia series ZUBA shown at Zambezi Magic.

On the final day the groups showcased their final short clips which were discussed with other teams as instructors gave their opinions. It was a learning curve for all. The participants were handed certificates by the SOTAMBE DFAF Director Martina Mwanza and the Boot Camp’s special guest Kitwe District Commissioner Mr. Binwell Mpundu. The District Commissioner gave a word of encouragement to participants and commended its organisers for the lovely work they are doing.

This marked the end of the four day filmmaking boot camp and the start of a new journey for participants in filmmaking. Filmmaking is a great way to tell our stories as Zambians. With such platforms will sure grow the film industry in Zambia and the world at large. These are the days!

You can download the Final Report Here