About The Sotambe Documentary Film And arts organization

SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festival (SOTAMBE DFAF) is a company limited by guarantee that aims to educate and raise awareness of social issues through film and arts. It serves as a platform for:

Learning institutions that want to use documentaries, arts and panel discussions as a new and advanced method of learning.
Local filmmakers and artists to showcase their projects, share ideas and inspire others.
Capacity building for the filmmaking industry through filmmaking workshops.

Vision: SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Festival vision is to deliver a world class Film and Arts Festival by 2020!

Mission: Our mission is to raise awareness on social issues in society through documentaries and arts in general. This will be achieved by holding an annual SOTAMBE Film and Arts Festival every September.

Objectives: The objectives of SOTAMBE Documentary Film and Arts Organization are as follows:

Serve as an educational platform for learning institutions and community members.
Serve as a platform for local filmmakers to showcase their projects.
Provide skills training in film production.
Support the filmmaking and arts industry in Zambia.